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Lindsay B. Coleman

My philosophy as an attorney

Although family law issues can be emotional, the law is about logic. As a family law attorney, I will approach your case in a logical way that considers the emotional impact of everything we do, step by step. 

I will not allow emotion to get in the way of success. I will not take an unreasonable stance or allow you to throw your case away by acting irrationally or vindictively, as generally, the Courts are devoid of such emotion. Divorce and family law issues do not have to be ugly. In fact, practicing with compassion and integrity is the best way to get the remarkable results that my clients want and deserve.

My philosophy holds true for criminal law cases as well and differentiates me from other lawyers. As a criminal defense attorney in Lake County and Cook County, Illinois, practicing with compassion, integrity, logic, and truth have been integral in eliciting the most desirable outcomes for my clients.

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How I will approach your case as a family law and criminal defense attorney

You are an individual and you deserve to be treated like one, especially when you have a legal issue. This is exactly what my law firm strives to do for you. I believe that every client and every case is unique, and as a family law and criminal defense attorney, I will  approach your case this way.

No two clients are the same and what worked in one person’s divorce, likely will not work for any other person. I will make sure to have an in-depth understanding of you, your family, your wants, and your needs. This will ensure that I have a concise and individualized approach to your case.

I will make sure that at every step, there is clear communication from me about what you can expect and what your legal options are, so you are not overwhelmed throughout the process. Communication is crucial and I will not leave you in the dark.

In addition, I will make sure that every decision we make along the way is fiscally sound. I will not file pointless motions or intentionally drag your case out unnecessarily so it costs a fortune. Nonetheless, I will fight for you when it is financially worth it, but I will work hard to make sure you have the financial resources necessary for your future. 

This logical and compassionate approach that Coleman Law, P.C. has consistently taken has allowed me to obtain favorable outcomes for my clients. 

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Other interesting things about me

When I enrolled in my undergraduate program, my focus was on bioethics. However, I took  an internship in college for court-ordered mediation and as soon as I stepped inside the courtroom I knew that being an attorney was my true calling. I cannot put into words what the experience was like, but I instantly felt comfortable and at ease in the courtroom. That feeling, coupled with my ability to analyze facts and apply the law appropriately, solidified my belief that being a family law and criminal defense attorney is the right career for me. 

I love sports and grew up playing travel and college softball. In my first year in college, I tried out for, and made, the Team USA practice squad for the 1996 Olympics. Since I would have had to drop out of college, I turned down that offer. However, I am extremely proud of the hard work I put in to compete at such an elite level. 

I also played volleyball throughout college and played semi-pro beach volleyball through my 20’s and 30’s. After several knee surgeries, I had to retire in 2006 (although you can still find me playing recreationally on the beach). The competitive nature that is essential in competitive sports, has helped me in my legal career. Practicing with compassion and integrity does not mean that I will not put up a fight when it is necessary. I have been known to be a fierce litigator and my clients appreciate that I can shift gears when it is necessary.

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