Practice Areas

As a family lawyer and criminal defense lawyer, Lindsay B. Coleman has successfully guided many clients through the legal process. Whether you are seeking a divorce or need effective defense against criminal charges, Coleman Law has the experience, the compassion, and the integrity to take on your case and see you through to the other side. 

At Coleman Law, every path and all potential outcomes will be explored and an individualized approach to your case will be created. You will receive consistent communication about your case from start to finish. In the end, you will receive remarkable results that will enable you to have a fulfilling future.

Family Law

At Coleman Law, PC, I pride myself on my individualized approach and my ability to craft creative, unique, and effective legal solutions for my clients.

Collaborative Divorce

With Collaborative Divorce, I have empowered clients to resolve their legal disputes without the interference of judges.


I have the experience and skills to remain neutral and objective and ensure that everyone walks away happy with the final agreement. 

Criminal Defense

Lindsay B. Coleman will make sure a criminal charge does not ruin your reputation or your future.


My priority as a Guardian Ad Litem / Child Representative is to advocate for the child

Lindsay B. Coleman is a family lawyer and criminal defense lawyer that provides an individualized approach that will get you results

Whether you need assistance with a divorce or with a criminal matter, Coleman Law, PC will lay out all your options and find a solution that works for your unique situation. Either through alternative dispute resolution (collaborative divorce and mediation) or a more traditional process, you will have a creative and effective solution to resolve your family law issue. If you or a loved one are involved in a criminal case, you will have results that protect your future and allow you to move forward. When courts need an attorney to look out for the best interests of a child, Lindsay B. Coleman will be that child’s advocate. 

Her commitment to practicing with integrity and compassion has made her a sought after family lawyer and criminal defense lawyer in Lake County and Cook County. Lindsay sets aside emotion and pursues logic and truth, to ensure clients walk away knowing they got the best results and the  justice they deserve.