As a family lawyer in Lake County and Cook County, Illinois, I practice with integrity and compassion and get remarkable results for my clients

Linsday Coleman is a family lawyer for Lake County and Cook County, Illinois and will defend your family

You are here because you are getting ready to go through a divorce or address another family law issue. Also, you are here because you are ready to get a lawyer involved in your case. If you are looking for a family lawyer in Lake County and Cook County, who practices with integrity and compassion, Coleman Law, PC is the firm that will uphold those values while still securing remarkable results for you. 

Just because you are here, seeking out an attorney, does not mean you want to start, continue, or escalate a conflict. You may have let emotions get the better of you in the past, but now, you need to move forward and work towards a resolution. As an attorney who practices with compassion, I understand the difficulties and heartache that you may be going through and I will take into consideration the emotional impact of any avenue we pursue. As an attorney who practices with integrity, I will make sure to approach your case in a logical and practical way, and defend the best interests of you and your family. I will guide you through this legal process so we take on your legal issues together.  It is literally my job to get you to the other side, even if you cannot see what that may look like, for now. 

As a family lawyer in Lake County and Cook County, Illinois, Coleman Law has helped numerous clients navigate simple and complex family law issues and cases with integrity and compassion. Most importantly, Coleman Law has helped numerous clients obtain exceptional outcomes that safeguard their futures. 

Practice Areas

  • Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Parenting time
  • Child support
  • Spousal support / maintenance
  • College Expenses
  • Relocation / removal
  • Post decree modifications or support and/or parenting time
  • Property division
  • Pre and post nuptial Agreements
  • Paternity/Parentage
  • Orders of Protection / Domestic Violence / Stalking Civil No Contact
Coleman Law, PC will fight for the thigs you care about the most

As a family lawyer in Lake County and Cook County, Illinois, I take an individualized approach to every case, as every family is different

Every family law matter is unique and challenging, and that is why it is essential that I understand your needs and goals. As my client, you are the expert. You know your life, your family, and what you want for your future. As your attorney, I need to have in-depth knowledge of everything surrounding your family law issue, so I can make an individualized plan that protects you and protects your future. 

For family law issues, of course there are some standard steps that take place throughout the process. In a divorce for example, a petition needs to be filed, lawyers gather facts during discovery, trial preparation occurs, and then the case either settles or goes to trial. Although this may seem like a clear-cut process, what happens before, during, and after each step looks different for every client.

As a family lawyer in Lake County and Cook County, Illinois, Lindsay Coleman will safeguard your future

There is no one-size-fits-all divorce and it is imperative that we find a long lasting solution that you are extremely comfortable with. That is why, at every step of the process, you will be fully informed about all of your options and the potential consequences each option may present. When you understand the law and how it applies to your circumstances, you can make more strategic decisions that will help you and your family in the long run. 

At Coleman Law, PC, I pride myself on my individualized approach and my ability to craft creative, unique, and effective legal solutions for my clients. In addition, my commitment to practicing with integrity and compassion ensures that the law will be fairly applied. Most notably, my clients walk away knowing that I gave it my all and fought for the people and things they care about and protected their interests.